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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Start to Bento and win a Giveaway from Bento Fun

With Cynful Pleasure opening it's door for orders, I am getting more and more busy.. I now tell people that I have 2 jobs.. one full time 'part time' job, and one 'part time' part time job.. how tedious that can be ah... Anyway, life will be getting more and more busy soon as my helper decided that she want to balik kampung after earning sufficiently in my household for more than a year, and that I predicted my life will be even more eventful.. Trust me, with no one at home willing to hold the broom and the mop, I can see the house turning into a after 'mess'..

Now, ask me what happen to my 2 jobs and my princess after the helper leave?  hahaha... jobs gonna continue.. Princess going to nursery.  I have been nursery hunting many many months ago, and I am going to put her into one of that which I think is good.  I understand the nursery do not prepare food for the children, therefore, I am going to start packing food for Princess too!! Can you now imagine my life?  does that sound busy enough?

That point aside, since I am going to start 'bento-ing' soon, I am following bento blogs too, and one no other than Bento Fun!! Each time I see how this wonderful mummy prepare her son's lunch, I salivating in envy.  I also want to start learning on this skill.  So, for a start, I am going to try my luck on the giveaway!  Bento Fun is giving away Critter Cutter from Lunch Punch!!

Ok.. she didn't set a difficult rules and regulations in winning.. all count by some work and luck.. Go try your luck if you have time.  I am sure you gonna love the cutters in making your food for yourself or your children loves fabulous.

*Warning:  Please get a bib ready if you going to read Bento Fun's blog!! You will sure be salivating with all her lovely work!*


  1. cyn.. 24 hours surely not enough, hor?

  2. Err you are not staying alone right? Others are not sharing the cleaning job at home?

    Me luckily not staying with the parents. Yes all cleaning job we have to do ourselves but since no one is there "nagging" us, when I am real tired that time lazy a bit also never mind. Hahahaha.


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