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Monday, May 23, 2011

A touch of Comfort with Kleenex Mom’s Day Out

I was invited last Wednesday, 11 May 2011 with Kleenex Mom’s Day Out at Villa Bayu, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.  I tell ya, it’s so much fun and informative as we are given good treats with food and also with a hand massage.  In addition, there was a parenting talks which featured Sheila Majid as a special guest speaker, together with Family Life Educator Charis Patrick and Educational and Clinical Psychologist Selina Ding. 

Remember I wrote about the Kleenex Tissue that I received earlier?  This round was organised in conjunction with the recent launch of a newly improved range of Kleenex Facial and Bath Tissues.

What we share that day was basically the word ‘COMFORT’!  This word is a very strong influence in both the physical and emotional of our children.  All the speakers touched on this topic and it’s really a very good experience for me.  From the parenting talk, I basically understand the reason of why Princess been ‘hogging’ me.. She is seeking COMFORT from both myself and my boobs!!  One of the speaker Selina Ding actually suggested that I ‘replaced’ the boobs time to play time in order to compensate and wean Princess off!

It’s great to see the topic linked to our daily ‘mandatory’ item, TISSUE!! how?  Kleenex tissues are hypoallergenic which make them suitable for even sensitive skin and made from top quality 100% pure virgin fibre for the extra comfort.  In addition, Kleenex now employs new technology to make it’s 2- and 3-ply tissues softer while maintaining its superior strength.  Available as facial and bath tissues, Kleenex tissues, in 2 and 3-ply options, inject an element of soothing comfort and ease into everyday activities, from removing make-up to cleaning a child’s smudged face without leaving residue or crumbling when wet.  In addition, its softer touch provides much needed relief to sensitive noses, tender from repeated wiping.

Now, let me share you some photos…p/s:  *don’t jealous*


A hand massage by Sunway Spa while waiting for the launch

breakfast treat

Our ‘breakfast’ treat…

the launch

launch 2

The launch…

guest seating

The Guests seating…

With the celebreties

You know who are them? hehehe…

carnation tissue

The whole area was decorated with these tissue flowers.. towards the end of the talks, we were given the demo on how to do these flowers with each of us having the kit!

lunch treat

We were also treated lunch at the Avanti!! after the talk

There was a lucky draw, but myself was not ‘lucky’ to be picked but it’s good enough for me to be in this ‘event’!!  I really enjoy myself!!

Of course, this was also a mini bloggers meeting, as we have only 5 bloggers whom were invited.  Out of the rest of 4, guess who I met? hop over to Merryn and Darren’s Mummy blog!

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  1. It was a great day out right? The talk was very good and I enjoyed our makan makan :D

  2. wahh..so nice .. saw in Merryn's post recently..

  3. Yum! Yum! Lucky you, getting invited to such event. I never get such a chance... Sobs!

  4. so jealous u got a picture with sheila majid! ;D


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