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Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a 'day’! I nearly collapse like my cake!!

I had an order last week, and with all plan well ahead, I was all ready to ‘doll’ my cake with all the cream, ganache and also others necessary.

I came home right after my meeting with a client yesterday, and it was earlier compare to my other working day.  Get straight to work, I sliced the cake into 3 portions.  Happy to see the result of the cake all went well. 

Next, I put the cake aside, and start kneeding my dough for the buns.  I was really excited as this was the first time I do this bun. 

When the dough ready, I proceed to whip the milk chocolate Chantilly as I wanted to ‘dress’ the  cake.  I did the first layer, and layered the cake with the fruit, and later put up the 2nd layer of cake.  While I am ‘doll’ the 2nd layer, and now, you put your imagination together… the sound ‘PLooP’!  happen….

My heart sank the minute it happen… I was really sad, disappointed, angry, frust, and whatever feeling that you can think of when this happened.  I was really really really really X don’t know how many times sad sad sad…

But at that moment, I can’t cry, I can’t frust, I can’t throw tantrums, I can’t do a lot of stuff my head wanted to do.  I can only recollect my thoughts, go search the baking rack to see if I got sufficient ingredients to bake a new cake.  I also have to count the time I have to make a new cake, cool it at the rack, slice and put on the necessary deco.  Not forgetting I got to do the buns too!

I picked up Princess, drove out of the house,  go grab what I needed, and back home baking a brand new cake.  I sometimes very ‘salute’ myself for being so ‘cool’ on occasion like this.  Is this call practice make perfect?  After getting the news of being a ‘single mother’, I think nothing will be more ‘shocking’ any more in my life.. don’t ya agree?

Ok, back to my cakes and bun.. I finally able to make the cake this morning, and able to get my boss to give me a last minute approval for not going in office this morning.  I am very very grateful despite many many ‘shocking’ occasions, I still able to get some supports from good people that surround me.

I hope the cake this time turn out well… and if it does not, I better make sure I compensate my customer well to cover my flaws.  I never expect this ‘accident’ and I can tell ya, I was freaked out at the moment the cake drop.. same to my heart!!



*If you want to know what happen to the cake, hop over to my Cynful Pleasure Bakery Blog*


  1. :( sorry to hear that Cyn... i don't bake but ur 'ploooop' is enuf to make my heart stop.. :(

  2. Me too,sorry to hear that.however never give up,everything will be prefect later...

  3. Hope everything is doing well..

  4. My heart ploop also when reading ur post, but glad at last u still did it!

  5. Awww....poor cake n poor u. I can't do that though.....would haf just given up


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