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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Food Prices Increase

I recently read a lot of 'rant' on food prices increase due to the increase of sugar, power, gas and etc..

Yes, a KG of sugar increase of 20cents will lead to an increase of coffee by another 20cents! and did it caught you thinking if you are drinking a KG of sugar with your coffee? 

When I was attended the Kleenex Mom's Day Out weeks ago, I was asked by one of the attendees that how do I adjust to the increase of pricing of sugar since she got to know I am into Cynful Pleasure now.  Well, basically I can only have 2 answers:-

1)  I reduced the amount of sugar I needed and not losing any of the quality of the pastries (YES, some baking products need to have that amount of sugar in order to have a good quality)

2)  If I am at the wits end of adjusting the sugar amount, I will surely pass the cost to the consumers. 

However, from the current point of sugar price increase, it will not lead to an increase of price in my bakery products, but I am earning lesser for sure.  Well guess many outside are not willing to earn lesser, and take the opportunity of any price increase to increase their earnings too!  It's sad to see we consumers being taken advantage by all these 'economic' reasons.

It keep me thinking... when almost everyone increasing their price, but not the wages / salary, how to these sellers get their business?  Or most of these business owners are thinking of making 'fast' money by earning a chuck and that's it?

I myself has not got significant salary increment since years ago...tell me what do you think?  If everyone increasing the price of all commodities but not your salary, what is your alternative? boycott not eating out?  no shopping? stay home all the time?


  1. Increase again??? macam ini, yeah, home cooked food is cheaper anytime!

  2. me too..my salary hasn't increased since I started working.

  3. To me, cook myself also not that cheap.


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