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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

He asked to 'remove' the posts

Remember yesterday I wrote about the excuses?  And for the last excuse, he claimed that he is going to terminate his house number as he is using that for internet purposes when I asked him to let me have his home number!! My goodness gracious.. see how 'good' is he in creating excuses?  

This morning while I am coming to work, I received a call, and he actually got the guts to ask me to remove my posts on my situation.  This is the first time I have been so 'lose face' while taking a cab.  I basically blast at him telling him that he has no right to ask me doing so, even if i want to do that, it will have to wait till he finishes all the payment on the money owe to me!

He then asked how much more should he pays me? oh... I just put up a Lilypie tracker (if you noticed on the top of my blog) that I still have more than a year to tolerate this kind of 'nonsense'!  And he wanted to pay me ALL!!! Wah, to me it's such a good news.. I can't wait for GOD to grant me this kind of wish.  At least if he pays me fully, I can buy a little car and need not take cab to work everyday! yeah yeah!  *Dear Lord, please grant me this wish, and spare me out of this agony soon*

I told him boldly that if he continues to 'torture' me with the nonsense, it will have much more for me to write, and more for my readers to read!  Bring It On...


  1. Yo! I like your Lilypie tracker!! So cute and funny!! LOL!

  2. Hang in there sister, hang in there, ya

  3. hope he will really pay all at once and not cakap kosong

  4. lol! i will pray on your behalf , pray hard hard he pays all! means he read your blog eh?

  5. Hope he fast fast kaotim for u la. Kasi u lump sum... settle everything once and for all.

  6. blogging has its advantages? :p

  7. i wish yr dream comes true too....so that u get the problem solve once & for all :D

  8. May the FORCE be with you! :D


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