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Friday, June 3, 2011

I just had a love-hate feeling with Nuffnang!

I laughed when I wrote the title!

The whole incident started when I joined the contest in the Nuffnang Movie Premier, I didn't anticipate that I will win!  (now, did you ask me why I joined if I don't want to win right)?  LOL!  Anyway, when I posted my comments, it was already way too many people putting their entry, so it's just try my luck!

To my delight, I received an email to inform me that I have won myself 2 tickets to the premier and of course I am over the moon with this news.. Finally I am able to do my first Premier, and of course taking Princess for her movie outing next week.  I received that email and I read it through my phone, therefore the 'instructions' for RSVP was not very clear.  In actual fact, I was supposed to click on a link to visit a 'confirmation page' but I just reply the email (which is a common action).

I was asking around who else will be going, and out of a sudden, I received an email stating that due to the reason that I did not confirm my reservation, my invitation has been revoked!! Can you imagine my shock-ka-ling-gam?  I quickly wanted to click reply, then I noticed that the email address carry the name 'noreply'... and then I realised I am a bummer myself!! Haiz... Why la so ma fan to win a premier tickets ah?

I raised and feedback to Nuffnang on this matter.  I was informed that they needed winner to click on the link to have their 'information' recorded however to me, it's a real lots waste of 'energy'.  They are only inviting 65 people, but they are not tracking the reservation record via emails but a 'link'.  haiz...

I am now again over the moon, as I have just received the email that I am still eligible to confirm my attendance! and YES, I will be watching Premiere Screening of Hoodwinked Too: Good vs Evil next Monday!!

Thanks Nuffnang! and of course I do hate you in the beginning for revoke my invitation as that would involve me being a 'lying' mummy for not able to bring Princess to movie!  LOL!


  1. Haahhaha....now i know why u have the feeling. Enjoy the movie with princess!

  2. Technically, if u click on a link, it is an automated process and I supposed it will tabulate the numbers. If u reply email, someone needs to check the email.

    ANyhow..u r one happy camper here.
    Enjoy the movie...

  3. congratulations! too bad ipoh no nuffnang to treat us..

  4. I lagi no syiok with Nuffnang as far as movie premiers are concerned, Penang like none one lol,, then Claire says, Ipoh also like none one, then Arthur will say,Sibu also like none one lol..

    happy for you and princess, go take take pictures and show us ya


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