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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Days with trains and full time work

soon, and very soon I will be going to work by trains... a lift from home from 'anyone' that is available to the nearest train station, and from there, LRT and transit of Monorail...

I first started having days of trains while I was residing in Singapore, and in actual fact, I enjoy the MRT train rides.  The trains arrived on time, not much of pushing, not much of squeezing, and some times you got to see some 'drama' and 'shows' on board.  My train rides journey those days will take me approximately 20 to 30 mins max.

now back life in Malaysia after living in Singapore (enjoying life) for almost 7 years... For the first 9 months of my 'life' in Malaysia, I tell ya, it's a horror experience.  I am so so used to taking public transport conveniently at my door step, I am back to my country that needs a 'car'!! and I don't have ONE!! Can you imagine?  I still need to get to work, so with no choice left, I took public transport.. I have to take a cab from my house (costing RM6 per trip) to the nearest LRT station, and take the LRT with the transit of Monorail.  These routes were the ones that almost kill me especially the Monorail.  It was really a disaster!

I doubted the ability of my countrymen understanding the 'procedures' of taking trains... no queues, lots of pushing, not moving in and give way... and so forth.. I nearly gave up on living here and was hoping to return to Singapore...

Anyway, days by days passed.. and I gotten used to the situation.. and later I got a car which minimise my disastrous journey to work.  Later, I got myself a little Princess, and being a Single mother.. I took the sacrifice and stop working for 2 years...

Since 2 months ago, I was back at work but still I am having the luxury of entering office only at 10am, therefore the journey to work is still bearable.  But Once last week, and once today, I finally need to take the train again as I was required to enter office earlier...and the scene of trains taking 2 years back appear in my brain again...

It's still a bad experience.. but then again, I learn to 'accept' it that a fact.. I started to understand that it's not the my countrymen do not know the 'procedure', it's more like the providers have not been able to meet the demand.. Can you imagine a huge crowd trying to squeeze into a 2 or 4 carts monorail? and at the same time everyone want to arrive at work on time?

When I was working in Singapore, I have to reach my office at 9am, and I will only leave my house around 8am... here in Malaysia, I have to leave LATEST by 7.30 and yet still risk to be late... see the difference?  I was once proud of my country able to reach this level worldwide, providing us public transports such as trains and monorails, however providing and executing it are so much a difference... haiz...

My Boss has just asked if I am keen to return to work Full Time, but my very concern is on this issue...
I leave for work at 7.30am, and at that time, Princess is still sleeping.... so now, she got to wake up without mummy but only having kakak...She will have all her time with her kakak from the time she gets up till...
I am back at home... now, converting Full Time means I can only leave office at 6pm, which will make it impossible for me to hitch a cab home and I will have to take the train again... that's will take another an hour and half to reach home, and that will be 7.30pm

For at least 12 hours, I won't be with Princes... and when I got home, after dinner, bath.. I left with a mere 3 hours before we hit the sack?  Thinking all this make me think really really hard on getting back to work Full Time... My Princess has only got ME for her... how would she react in such a young age?

Are you going to ask me how much time I have for her at the moment?

I leave for work at 9.30am, therefore when Princess awake at 8am, she still has got her time for some 'manja' moment with me, and I can bath her before leaving for work.  I can make sure that she is all clean before handing her to the kakak.  I left work at 5pm, and I still be able to get a cab home and arrive home not later than 6pm... So, 4 hours of time spend with Princess...

I have Fridays reserve for Princess now... but If I return Full Time, Friday gone and so on Saturday (half day work)... how how? 

Anyone saying quality time better than quantity time?  but if I don't have the time, how am I going to have quality?  If you are still asking me why so much concern, since most mothers are not doing this... but then again, most mothers have the other half.. not many are like me... and I do wish I could be with Princess more when she is at home all alone till she goes to her day care or nursery next year... how how?  Should I only start to work Full Time next year? 


  1. u should discuss with yr mum..mums r great supporter.

  2. dang! i m working FT too. So where got time for P?

  3. I also spend about 4 hours during weekdaysfor the girls...well, having another half doesnt mean he always be there when I or the kids need him...doesnt make much difference to me.....

  4. I have my fullest respect to working moms and even HIGHER respect for working single moms, Cynthia! I dunno how you manage to cope but you know you've inspired millions out there with your determination, love and care.

    Whatever your decision, Princess will definitely support you. She's a smart little girl and once you've make up your mind, don't look back and just make the BEST out of it! :)

  5. Wah Princess so lucky. I only have 1-2 hours with my kids each working days. Since I have to pick them up, so we usually chat inside the car. My husband only have less than 1 hour with them, and only if he send them to school. By the time he comes home, the kids have gone to bed already. But we have full Sat and Sun with them. And my kids still very close to us.

    Btw I don't quite like the monorail. It worse than LRT and quite pricey too for such short journey. I rather walk. Hehe.

  6. keen poe han poe.. talking about public transport, i fear them too! in ipoh, i never take bus for many many years already.. but i do take cabs though.. one kali 8rm!

  7. Your post just made me realised how little time I have for my kids... I only have 2 hours on weekdays with my kids... and during those 2 hours is the time spent rushing to get ready for work, bathing, and travelling in the car. And having 2 kids means my time is split into half for each of them. However, working is inevitable... if I want to save enough for their future :-).

  8. Haihh... this country... I oso malas comment liao. Buat habis air liur aje. Got chance, just migrate somewhere better. :(

  9. I just went back to work, true enough, I feel I do not have enough time for my boys. further more we decided we dun wan anymore domestic helper.
    I get to spend 3-4hours with manfred on weekday, Jude I only see him 1weekday and weekend. I can't afford having 2 boys with me while I work..
    Why only mum have these worries?

  10. i agree lor! i also can't take it if i have to follow the normal full time routine! so glad i dun have too now, i dunno how quality time means, i dun think i can take it if i can't spend enough time with Jasper....once time is gone its never coming back! but on the other side, i also wanna earn more for Jasper future...betul susah!!!!

  11. Hi Cynthia, Thanks for dropping by my blog and the lovely note you left. It is great that you can spend 4 hours a day with your princess. I remember when I was a single mum, I only have the weekends with my son. On weekdays, the only time I spend with him is during the car ride to school and from school. When I returned from work, he will be asleep. It is very important to spend time with our kids to strengthen the bond but sometimes it is hard for working mums to do that. You are doing very well! KUDOS to you.


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