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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wow.. New look again!

It's obviously shows how long I have not been blogging! Damn.... I have so many outstanding posts, such as my Cherating holiday trip, the Disney Junior gathering, the Fontena Gathering and so forth.. I have been actively joining some gatherings, and it's just got so lack in updating it in the blog... Oh, not forgetting the updates of my princess... haiz..

Anyway, that aside... I log in to blogger today to try doing some updates and I found blogger with a new look!! so exciting!  See, that's again delay my post coz I am so excited with the new look, I want to post it ASAP! LOL!

The new look is very good I find.. it's easier to locate everything I want.. and you be able to see all the traffic flow information.. iLike!  In addition, the post writing page is also very good.. I don't need to scroll down too much to have all the necessary labels, and schedule..

Can this motivate me to write more often? LOL...

Next up, my Char Siew Pau!


  1. i got used to the old dashboard so much that when they changed to the new one, i suddenly dunno how to use... hehehee..

  2. I want to see your new look.. mana.. mana.. nice to use ah? myself very outdated one.. i still like to use old version of blogger!

  3. yes blogger seems to improve themselves alot this few months! good for us! i find it very useful also ^^


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