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Thursday, August 18, 2011

English... English...

I wrote a post yesterday about our policemen English level while communicating with a foreign visitor who was there to make a report on his missing money in the bank account but that took them at least half an hour to complete that.

Then later this morning, I read on Eugene's post on our younger generation's English level..

Now, it keep me thinking... Is English that important?  and I can tell you YES!!  Being a consultant for migration application myself, I have seen many many many many many undergraduates that can't apply for the migration application due to English!!  As an official request now, most of the applicants who intend to apply for migration will have to sit for an English Language test, and the test result validity is only for 2 years.  Each applicant will have to at least score a minimum 6 out of 9 score in the test.  I can tell you, at the present moment, some applicants can hardly meet this basic requirement and not mentioning any higher.

Yes, I can tell that even those overseas graduates have difficulties, and not mentioning the locals here.  It's very sad to see that our English level has dropped drastically.  I am making a comparison of 3 generations of education levels, i.e. my mum, myself and my youngest brother!  I can tell the English level has gone from bad to worse, and the worst is yet to happen.

If our education system is going to continue to flip-flop on the language, I can tell that in time to come the worst will happen and our younger generation will have a big issue surviving in the international markets. 

Most families I know now teaches their children in English, speak to them in English since young, and I hope this would at least help them in their future.  I am serious, it's very devastated seeing some adults failed English Language.

What's your point of view in our younger generation English nowadays?  For me, I still believes that Languages are to be learn and practice.. the more you use, the more confident you have in the language, and it's really depend on each individual mastering the Language! 


  1. Education Ministry is to blame.. sigh..

  2. I agree with claire only to the extent whereby they are foolish enough to be pushed around by demanding parents who think they know better. They DON'T! @#$%&*!!!

    I agree with you that the more languages you can master the better. In fact, I encouraged my daughter to do Japanese in NZ (even though she doesn't know Mandarin - would be easier for those who do)...but with her motivation and determination, she managed to get A+.

    It is very sad here that students do not have that same kind of motivation when it comes to learn English. They will just tell me, "Woe mern sher hua ren!" (We are Chinese)...and would converse in nothing but Mandarin all the time. Even their BM is poor and the Chinese dialects have died out - the young ones now cannot speak Foochow or Hokkien unlike those of us in the past.

    And there are parents who want to push their kids into my fully-packed tuition classes and they will say things like, "I pay you to teach, you don't want kah?" This is the kind of parents we have today. They think money is everything! (No wonder the kids are so unruly and ill-disciplined today! Their weak proficiency in English is one of the lesser problems actually!)

    Well, I don't! And in view of this sad situation, I am retiring fully from teaching English. No more when this last batch finishes... Enough is enough and everybody can just go to hell for all I care. They're not my kids...so why should I give a damn?


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