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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fading Memory??

I must jot down this before I cabut from work..

I was at the tiger bank this afternoon, trying to deposit the coins in Princess coin box.  I really need to praise Lord for what he did to me today!!!  Oh my goodness, can you imagine I left my phone (a barely six months old phone) in the bank?!!! 

I used to hold my phone in my hand no matter what, coz leaving it in my bag, I can't feel the phone vibrating or ringing, so I usually hold it!  When I was at the bank, and informed the staff I needed to deposit coins, I was asked to go to the room instead of the usual counter.  So, as a common practice, I put my phone down, passed the coins to the staff for counting, and happily waited till I got the cash and was asked to go to the counter (in front) for the transaction.

All the while after putting down the phone till I am back in office, I never realised I did not have my phone with me!!  All till 5pm when I was about to pack to leave the office, and I start to search for the phone but is not in sight!  I tried calling, and hoping that it rings.. and VOILA, it did!! 

Someone answered the call, and inform me that the phone was left at the counter in tiger bank!!!! Thank GOD that I did my counting in the room and not at the public area!!  and Thank GOD that the tiger bank is not very far from my office!!!  Again, Thank GOD that there is still people in the bank after 5pm!!! 

For goodness sake, I have loads of precious photos and videos of Princess in my phone, and I can't afford to have them lost!  It's really a blessing that I can count that I got the phone back! 

Nevertheless, I should thank the tiger bank staff for being honest and truthful (especially during this holy month) and I will be writing to the management of the bank to send in my appreciation and complimentary.  Of course this time, my memory didn't failed me as I remembered to see the staff name before I left the bank with my phone.


  1. Lucky enough to get your phone back.... :)

  2. Myself can shake hands with you, Cyn!!

  3. You see, life is not that doom and gloom right? just when we thought that there were scumbags, selfish people all round,mind you, there are still angels around, good samaritans and wonderful people..?

    praise the Lord,indeed but this must also serve as a reminder to be careful the next time ya


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