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Monday, August 8, 2011

In the cab today...

As you know, I take cab to work every morning, just don't want to waste the limited time I have on public transport.  I got the permission to start work at 10am, so leaving the house half an hour before work will still be able to make it on time to office (if 9am start work, I have to leave my house by 7.30)!

Anyway, each day while I travel to work, I meet with various taxi drivers and sometimes repeating ones too!  Just today, I met an uncle driver who drove me once to work just a week ago, and of course he could remember me!!  This uncle was sharing how his son doing in his 30s and was saddened that his son is getting a divorce today in the legal firm.

But I remembered he told me that his son was getting married just a week ago!!!  so what happen?  Apparently according to the uncle, the DIL decided to seek divorce the next day after their marriage! and after all dowry paid and dinner done... so, it kept me thinking... what is the younger generation thinking nowadays on marriage?

Why took the trouble to create a 'marriage' and later want a divorce out of it with no other reason but maybe according to the uncle the son has yet to know how to 'take care' of family.  And of course, whatever other valid reasons behind this divorce, nobody knows except for the couple.  But it make me wonder....

When divorce is getting more and more common, marriage has no longer been treated like a holy experience but more for the fun of it...

I wished all of my friends with blissful marriages and stay happy and strong in the relationship..


  1. Hi,

    I am your new follower! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

    How sad that the generation today look at marriage so lightly and usually for the wrong reason.

  2. Now people more realistic.. they dont want to waste their time and youth in a loveless marriage.. nowadays no need love.. feel only..

  3. Everyda taking cab will be very costly lo??!!! no other alternatives?

  4. oh poor thing.. wondered what happen that caused them to seek divorce just a week after..

  5. wow...is it the lady just after their money? anyhow,it's very sad..although sometimes i feel too its easy to just divorce, but i always remind myself to remember that i love my hub and promise that we will walk thru life easy or hard. i think older generation hold onto this promise very seriously, but younger generation always take divorce as backup plan!


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