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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Autogate

Last Saturday, it was raining heavily, and it gave my auto gate a circuit, and it cause the gate wipe open!  I can't push the gate close since it's in auto mode!!

It really gave me a scare, as it's raining so heavy, the front gate wide open, my youngest brother and cousin both soundly asleep in the room, and only myself and the helper together with the 2 babies were awake!  So, my first instinct told me to call the Auto-gate man.. and I did!  And I was really panic when the man told me he can't come immediately but got to wait till evening!

My imagination started to run wild.. what happen if now one big lorry / van drove into my porch, and came in armed?  What should I do to protect the 2 young ones?  Aiyo.. how how... So, I dialed 999.. asking for help and advise on what should I do..

999 said I should contact the nearest police station, and asked to call 103 for number.. Called 103, asked for the Brickfield police station, called and explained the situation... then was asked to call Petaling district pulak.. Called the Petaling police station, again story again and while story-ing, got my imagination power run wild again... damn scary.. all the news in the papers shown up in my mind like movies / drama..

Finally, I managed to speak to one police officer, and asked his assistance to send more patrols around my area while I figured out what is the next possible steps that I need to do.  Call the auto-gate man again, and he told me to go find the allen keys that can unlock the gate, so it can be pushed to manual mode...I was like.. this one I know, but I can't find the keys!!  nvm, I woke up my brother and asked him to search the house... and woof.. we finally able to find the allen keys, and LOCK the gate!!

Later, we suspected the electrical supply to the gate was disrupted due to the rain, so we took the umbrella out, inspect the power box...

After we managed to lock the gate manually, I called the inspector again telling him he can now go ronda somewhere else coz my gate locked!  Called the auto-gate man to inform him that he can take his own sweet time now since I can locked my gate, I even told him off (basically I was not very happy with the way he reacted without any emergencies when I asked for help) that he need not come if when the rain stop and the power resume.

It really gave me a plain scare for that hour or two, and let me see what kind of people I am dealing with.  I have no choice to call this man since he is a family friend, but sorry, I won't do any recommendation for him.  I don't find him convincing enough to be one that is able to provide you with good support when come to emergency!!!

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