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Monday, August 1, 2011


Last week, I rant... due to all pressure bottoms up and I am glad that I still have so many friends and family members around me to give me the good support!  Good, Great and BEST!

Now, online seems to be one thing that is getting lesser nowadays, not to mention my blogs... But in order not to discard my blogs, now each day, I am trying to write something that strike my mind when I open blogger.com.  Today, I am happy to share my experience for the Ramadhan festival.

It recalled to me during my days in my senior secondary (form 4 & 5) that I basically studies together with my Muslims friends, and at one time, I was staying in the hostel as I got no transport to go to school.  I remembered back those days, being someone the odd, I do fast together with my friends.  This went on for a few years as after completing school, I worked in a Company that has most Muslim workers too!

Actually, it's good for us to understand, and practice this 'culture' together with our friends that embraced different religion, in order for us to know what exactly they doing.  I remembered back those days when I am fasting, I tend to 'swear' lesser too during that month! LOL!  But now, if you asked me if I am still doing it, I am not basically, I got no accompany.  Well, it's not my duty, but a respect to others who fast and being the minority at that point, I don't mind doing it just to understand it.

This year, the only think I am looking forward for Ramadhan will be the bazaar!!!  Oh, how much I missed Malay food during the Ramadhan bazaar!!  I have been to a few good ones, and will surely go again... I am looking forward to have my ayam percik, lontong, rendang, and etc.. are you?

Besides, this month is coincide with the Lunar 7th month, and that will be another best reason to stay home and savour food!!  muahahhaa...I am going to go bazaar(s) for the whole of this month, and see if come Hari Raya, any of my friends going to do Open House!  and YES, I does miss the Raya open house with my friends! 

In my lifestyle culture, I am very the 1Malaysia spirit!  I just hope that the authority does not mess that up!  I am tell that the relationship between some of my Islam friends has gone sour on the 'incorrect' knowledge that has been input to their brains.. so sad to see this happening..

So, for once on Ramadhan, I wish all my Muslim friends, Selamat Berpuasa.... Happy Fasting!

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  1. Sincerely i wish you all the best, you know life is not a bed of roses, but you can always be the torn to fend of all the negativity....... stay tall and smell the roses.........


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