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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This I don't understand...

Recently there is a lot of talks around town about the TV8 production on one Ramadhan advertisement asking the community to be sensible during this fasting month.  I am not going to do the link here as I wish not promote the link for them.  

I remembered those years while I lived / working with my fellow Muslim friends during my school / work days, we are not being 'warned' publicly on this matter, and even then, we have a closer ties with the Muslim(s) than now.  Frankly speaking, it make me wonder if this advertisement been done to 'provoke' the unity of Malaysians?  I wonder... 

I remembered those years I was all in good relationship with my fellow Muslim friends, and mind you, I speak super fluent Malay till some Malays thought I am a Chinese Malay mix (if not for my 'trademark' mata sepet)!!  I remembered back those years, we were all sensible enough to know that the Muslim(s) are fasting, and we will discreetly eats and drinks in school and at work. The Muslim(s) friends of mine understand that we are not going through the same religion practice as them, and we have the right to do all the makan minum.  During lunch time, we were even 'asked' to go makan!!!

In the recent years, I noticed that the authority has lots to ask from the non Muslim(s) and even this may not be representing the whole loads of people in the country, it does has some effect on some.  This kind of 'warning' should not even be produced in the first place!!! NO NO!!! In Malaysia, the community lives in mutual understanding, not 'forced'!!!  Furthermore, not all Muslim(s) fast during the fasting month!!  They have exemptions for some who are ill and pregnant, kids and so forth!!!  Why must the 'model' in the TV has to be a Chinese?  Why not put a Malay Pregnant woman? or a budak?

Now, back to the model in the ad... did her brain clearly thought what kind of message is this to be send to the community?  With this kind of message, it is showing to the Muslim(s) that the rest of the community is so insensible that we need a TV advertisement to tell us what to do?  Come on la... This is creating more and more misunderstanding among the Malaysians!!!  This is going to divide us more and more!!!  Is this what our authority want to see?

Frankly speaking, I find myself living in a very tension community nowadays, and we hardly find peace with our other racial friends.. why.. why.. why... what happen?  It's so heartbreaking to see so many of my friends drifting away on matters like this...

When can we really have the 'real' 1Malaysia?


  1. I think the video link has been removed. I can't seems to watch it.

  2. watched it last nite. that was the dumbest ad i ever saw for raya. No in sane mind that any non muslims will do like that.

  3. oh, what ad is that? me outdated..

  4. I hate the the third ad...probably bcos i wear that most of the time due to hot weather....

  5. and probably because Yee Ling wear that to my studio everyweekend... now i have to ban william from being there when she's around! LMAO!!

  6. never see the ad before, never on tv..hahah,actualy they wanna fast is becoz of their own belief n religion, if they belief so strongly, then why would they be attracted to our food right? we had our choice just like they had theirs! dont bother la , it's so annoying that some of them are so demanding to want other religions to 'follow' their way


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