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Monday, September 19, 2011

It's the 8th day!

Today marked the 8th day Princess goes to childcare since the 'missing' of kakak at home.

I was really afraid of changes, since I have gone through so many, and I can understand how hard is that what more for a toddler who is under the age of 3!

I have crying Princess from Day 1 to Day 7, and over the long weekend, I was preparing myself for her Monday Blues... I keep telling her the days, i.e. today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday and after one more day, you got to go school since Friday, and this went on and on over the weekend... As and when I can feel she was in a happier note, I will tell her that Monday will come, and we both have to go work and go 'school'.

So, come Sunday morning, I told her we will be preparing to attend a Happy Birthday party of one of my friend's son, and after the party, we got to get home, rest and sleep early.  So, right after the party, we head home, I hit the sack... and we both woke up at 7.30am this morning, laze around till 8.15am before we took our bath.

We left the house almost 9am, and it's drizzling outside.  I gave a packet of Honey Star for her breakfast, since she did not want her Milo.  She was all ok in the car sitting at the back till we reached the junction that turn into her childcare, she started to give a little hesitation by saying she want to poo.  I told her we are reaching school, and she can poo in school.  She knows it's raining, so she wanted to put her tumbler and Honey Star in the bag so it won't get wet.  Quickly, she jump to the front seat, and kiss me.. before I reached the front door where the childminder is waiting with the umbrella.

The childminder carried her, took her bag, put her down on the ground and she walked in the childcare on her OWN!!!  No Fuss, and No cry!!!

Tonight, I am going to bring Princess for kai kai, to award her and to make sure she continue this good behaviour!!


  1. happy for both of u now.. that is really a relief, right?


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