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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's so heavy to leave...

My helper decided to cabut without notice after the Raya holiday, and it ended me with no help over the holidays and I have to be the Ah Sei for one week.

I have earlier search around for a good childcare centre, as my intention to put Princess there in October however it came earlier and lucky enough that the centre is willing to take her in with such a short notice.  I prepared Princess for 2 days and today, is like a big day for both of us.

I sent her there around 8.30am, and stayed for almost an hour just to observe how is Princess coping in the centre.  Well, of course when I intend to leave and bid her goodbye, the 'roar' started!  I drove out of the centre compound, and waited at the roadside for 5 minutes before calling the centre.  I am glad to say that the childminder reported that Princess has stopped crying..

Before I left, I had a very very heavy heart.. I was about to drop my tears when Princess keep saying she want to follow me.. In the car, I finally broke down...

I only put Princess for half a day today, and when I picked Princess, she cried... I think this is the glad and relief feeling by the child.  The childminder again reported that it's a very good sign already for her first day, as she will cry but not long and cried when she feels bored and suddenly remembered about me.. LOL!

While on our way home in the car I asked Princess if she wanted to go 'school' again, and she replied YES!!! Oh well, means she is all OK with all the play and fun she is having today.

Tomorrow, Princess will be officially be in the Childcare for a full day, and that's where our challenge starts..

Let's see how it goes...



  1. good luck! the first few days is tough but she'll survive. Kids are stronger than you think....be strong mommy!

  2. First of all,you must have been busy thus your blog is MIA,right?

    anyway,give her sometimes and I am sure Princess will be fine there,having friends to play with,i can understand the t tears,,don't worry,just a few days,,,,,,,ya

  3. I think we working mums have to experience this heartache some time sooner or later.. mine also same.. cried for few days then ok liow.. willingly say bye bye after a week or so.. :)

  4. dont worry, i am sure you both will be doing great. All the best!

  5. I am sure your princess will do just fine and will be in good hands! And hope you will cope well too. My girl is not a school-going child yet but I can imagine I will feel the way you felt when I finally send her off to school one day :)

  6. She'll be alright but be prepared for crankiness for the first few days while she gets adjusted. In fact childcare may be a better option for her, she gets to learn something and play with other kids too. Hanging in there mommy, sum thoong and mm seh tak is normal :D

  7. stay strong Cyn.. i cried too when i first left ethan in school...

    these days, i just cant wait to leave him at school!


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