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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yeah Yeah...

If you are a FB friend of mine, you will see me posting the day to day 'torture' that Princess is going through every morning when I send her to the childcare.

This morning, my mum is at home, so we both send her to the childcare and later my mum will drop me at the train station to go work.  While in the car, Princess behave super well.. no whining, no crying, no asking to turn here and turn there.. She just sat quietly at the back of the car and nearer to the childcare, she did hesitated but still no cry..

I carried her down the car, and she said.. mummy go work work ah?  I replied, yes and later mummy will come pick you ya.. she noded

There, she started to tear and cry... asking for kakak (at the childcare) and when kakak came, she just 'jump' from my arms to kakak with tears welling in her eyes, and some sound.. I fly kiss her, and wave bye bye..

GUESS WHAT!!  I got a bye bye wave from Princess!!

Oh.. this is so much to celebrate!!!  Must take her go out for today good behaviour!!  and tomorrow too!

Now, let's pray and hope she will not have the Monday blues after the long holiday, and no more whining in the car next week!! 


  1. that's princess! after some time.. she is used to it.. hahaha... ok, go yam sing tonight! oopsss..

  2. good that she is getting use to the daycare


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