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Monday, October 24, 2011

I accepted Christ

I am making a www announcement!

Back a few months back, I was participating a lot of church activities, but I am still unable to call myself any closer to Christian.  Let me gives you some background of my 'religious' way..

I was brought up in a Toaism way.  My parents were all praying to Kuan Yin and Kuan Tai all these years.  Later, I had the opportunity to be with some Christian friends which I kind of enjoy the worship of Christ and the Teachings.

Then, while I was in Singapore, I was also exposed to the teaching of Buddhism via the Soka Gakai Singapore but still, I just can't bring myself to it.  Maybe the age wise was not ready too!

Make a long story short, I recently again given the opportunity to be close to Christ.  I attended carecell meeting each week, and also attending church recently.  I was not very acceptive in the beginning, all I wanted was to find a ground for my Princess to be 'expose' to social circle, and I choose the Church! 

I finally accepted the Lord in July 2011, and I recite my sinner prayer.  In addition, I am reading the bible more and understanding word of GOD in depth.  I listened to what GOD has to say to me.  I trust that he will put his ultimate care to me, and let me know I am not alone.

Of course, I have my fair share of prayer to be answered, and sometimes GOD send messages to me in really effective way.  YES, I have some answered prayers, and of course there are some 'outstanding' ones which I believe GOD has the time to 'grant' me yet.  

Now, Praise LORD for making me know him better.... and YES, I am with the HSG Church in Taman Yarl, and if anyone of you who like to join me in church, let me know...


  1. Cynthia, I am so happy for you. Christ is great and God is all full of love. By accepting the mighty God to our life can be the best things to ourselves, and our family. I already have been touched and I truly know you must have feel connected in your own way with Christ.

    Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. John 16:24
    God bless you.

  2. Praise the Lord. I am so happy for your salvation =)

    Continue to Trust in HIM for your daily needs for HE knows what you want and will provide at the right time.


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