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Friday, October 21, 2011

It's GONE for good cause

I have been keeping some extra savings in my PayPal which earned from my online assignments and MyLot.  It's not a lot, but somehow I uses that to purchase mini stuff.  I left a very small amount in PayPal now, and knowing it will take ages for me to have the chance to cash out, I just left it there not doing anything.

My best buddy in London is doing a charity appeal, which she calls it Romania Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2011.  It's a charity do to collect basic essentials and pack in a shoe box and send to the Romanian Needy.  Well, I know not much I could help her doing all the packing, then I realised I can always send her a little token.  She has successfully collected donations of 50 shoe boxes (which is 10GBP per box) and target to have another 50 to go.

I know this buddy of mine too well, and I know her kind hearted heart has prompted her to do this.  It's the season of giving coming, therefore what's more can you do beside giving?  So, I told her I am going to 'empty' my PayPal for her, but don't expect a lot... I was hoping to even have enough 10GBP at least when I log in..

Yeah, I did... I have sufficiently 10GBP which equivalent to USD16.14 and left with USD0.03 now.. I am happy that I could chip in a little of my money to help those in need.  My buddy will collect all the donation, and later purchased all the goodies and put in a shoebox before sending it out.  She will have to get all this done by 25th October.

But beside that.. I would like to say... GOD has his eyes on me.. the minute I got my PayPal emptied, I received an SMS from a research company inviting me to do a survey which gave me RM100++!  See, GOD says it in his own way...

I am glad, and I know.. GOD is watching...

If you are also keen in doing some donation for my buddy's project, you may contact me for info and I shall provide you with it.

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  1. Hey..I am doing the Shoebox in Malaysia. RM10 per shoebox and this year we are targeting Sabah. What a coincident.


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