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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's sad... Very Sad...

Did you managed to watch the clip on the little girl who was hit and run at 佛山 (Fut San)?  The girl is by the name of  悦悦 in the meaning of "pleased".  Guess the parents of this little girl has been very pleased with the Gift of God.
Everyone has stated that it's so cruel for 18 passers-by to leave the girl to suffer till the auntie who was there collecting 'junk' saved her, and called for her parents.  As a parent, when I see the reaction of the mother crying in pain, I can understand..

I can understand her pain of losing her daughter.. as the time of this blog post, LITTLE 悦悦 has left us to be the back with GOD.  She was certified brain dead yesterday when the 1st video being shared in all the FB pages.. 

I can understand how much blame the mother took in to let the girl wonder around the area without supervision...

I can understand how much pain the mother going through for not able to detect the daughter has wonder and being hit by the van for a long period (18 passer-by)

Frankly speaking, from here, I would say to all parents.. be careful and alert on whereabout of your child, no matter if in or outside our comfort zone!  There were lots of accidents happen at home too due to parents being overconfident that the child is doing all OK..

YES, in the first place, why was the girl being alone when the accident happen?  I am not rubbing salt, but this gave us a lots more of necessary lessons for not taking things for granted!!  We cried when we lose it, but why do we let the chance of the accident happen?  I am not a panaroid parents.. I let my child away from my 'laser' eyes not more than 2 minutes!  No, Princess is not allowed at all time to be ALONE!!!  NOT at home and NOT outside!!

I felt sorry for the parents for losing this precious girl, and I hope this send a strong message to all parents to care for their child!!  No one is responsible beside the PARENTS since we are the one who decide to bring the child to this world!
In another note, it shows how people can be ignorant in the surroundings!  18 people walked / drive / sped through this girl and YET NO ONE rescue her!! She was hit twice in the video actually!!!  Can someone driving a van feel that it might ran over a human?  Was the girl too petite to be noticed while on the road?  I don't know.. seriously.. I shiver while watching the video... I did not finished the video, as I don't have the courage to continue watching...

I feel for it.. I feel for the mother especially... and I can only pray to LORD will take care of LITTLE 悦悦 well in his side. 


  1. I didn't even wanna watch the clip... too sad.......

    Agree with you, when I read the news, the first question comes into my mind is, how come the kid is left wandering alone?

    Sometimes, people around did question: Does it really need to watch the kids with 'Laser eyes' as you mentioned... ALL the time? Well, really, better safe than sorry...

  2. i agree that the mom shouldn't have let her wander off for such a long period, but then again, we wouldn't know what happen in that short 5-9 minutes, what the mom could've been dealing with or encountered so I try not to judge. The whole clip is just cruel, to see so many passer by actually passed through her and she was actually waving her tiny hands for help, I cried imagine how much pain she must've been in...and still too naive to know that all the passer by are just leaving her for death...at least now she's away from all her sufferings..those van and truck that ran through her and those passer by that ignored her...they didn't only crushed her bones, they'd crushed off her whole life n future too :(

  3. Perhaps it is the culture. You know how kampung people let their children wander freely. Frankly this accident would not have happened if the girl is supervised.


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