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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I came across this 'term' twice yesterday..

One was when I commented on a FB link about the girl who thrown her baby down from the Apartment after birth, and once again at night when I was having dinner with a church sister.

It came to me that we all judge.. is just that how much we judge and what we judge.  On the first occasion, I was judging... I was judging the act of the girl being insane for throwing her baby but I am not judging the girl's lifestyle or how she carry herself in usual days.. On the other hand, at dinner, I was judged!  I was judged as I was telling this sister of mine how I pull through my still single mother life.

I think we cannot eliminate judgemental, and that's is also the perception of one towards another.  If one does not carry any judgement to one, then how do this person have the 'feel' of it?  Be it the feeling is love, like, care anger, curse, and etc.. we still need to judge.  We judge every single day in our life.. we judge if we have done things right or wrong.  

Some conclusion I collected.. people may judge how they want, is the way one carry their life that matters.  One should be just be him / herself in order to ensure the 'correct' judgement is given.  One will have to be able to 'correct' any judgement that one thinks it's not fair to the truth.  

Just take myself as an example.. I don't really care if one going to spread any kind of rumours around about me, but just don't let me hear it from others.  If I do, I will surely go confrontation even I don't really like it.  From the judgement of my sister in christ, I know I have to make sure I tell her the true story of why I didn't want the man to walk into my life and rather stay what I am today.

Nevertheless, I will try to put 'positive' judgement more often than having negative ones... 

So, what do you judged?


  1. Yes..about the news where the baby was thrown out from the apr. Well, my first impression was 'WTF? This must be insane!" I will not say she is bad...or watosever. At that second, I just thought this is such an insane thing to do.Anywhow, sooner or later the answer behind it will reveal...They will say, maybe bcos she is bla bla....this and that...and the story goes....Till, we finally say Oohh.. lidat one... Probably that's where the judgement stops.

    Cyn, you are a strong lady and I am sure Princess will know for what you have done for her.

  2. Most people judge, but there are some people who will try to be more considerate rather than judging others.

  3. i think being judgemental is the err side of human but we must also remember to respect others decision as, to each it's own. take care.


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