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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Google Document

Recently, I have been exploring the availability of Google stuff... not just Google search, but also other FOC application which I can use while I am on the move.  You see, I am moving between my home PC, my brother's PC and also my office PC.  In such a circumstances, I find it hard if I would need to do my work on those Microsoft Words, Excel etc.  I finally found a new love..

I can now use Google Documents to do my stuff, and also sharing with my other friends who I need to let them review and comment.  I do not need to send emails of those documents and have everyone download into their respective folder, edit and re-email to me.  I can actually authorise them to change the necessary and I can view it at anywhere anytime.

I find that Google has been really kind of people who does not have the capacity to hold a networking to share documents, as this service is FREE!!  It's very useful if you have a team of members who wished to view the documents / presentation in different places.  All you need to do is to create a document under Google Document, and email the link of the documents to everyone.

I recently did a family gathering itinerary which I need my other family members to approve, therefore I tried using Google Document and Voila! it works perfectly.  Then I created an Excel sheets which will be able to let me enter my daily expenses for tracking, and Voila! again,  I can now use that to trace my daily expenses without spending additional dollar and cents in buying note books!

Now, should I start having one for my petrol mileage? :p

You can start trying.. and if you have any issue, you are always welcome to share with me.

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  1. Try use Dropbox. It helps you to sync your documents across multiple pc. I love it a lot. That's how I transfer documents between home pc and other pc and my phone too. And it's free.



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