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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I met him


Of course I mean I met a new 'old' friend.. old does not refer to his age, but the bonding we had when we first met.  It's was really a good meet up for me, and if you want to know what he thinks, you read HERE.

I didn't bake for him this time, but instead, I bought a pack of mix JJ swissroll for him as a gift.  Reason:  I was too busy since it's my last week at work, and also going to begin a new job.  Therefore, when I stopped in Ipoh for breakfast on my way to Penang, I stopped at JJ.

We have a few call exchange prior to the meeting, and when I had my 'disappointed' breakfast, I called him to ask where... We know that there will be a marathon run therefore the earlier plan to meet at Queensbay was changed to Sunshine Mall area.  We supposed to meet for lunch, but very unfortunate, that I didn't have the stomach place any more due to a heavy breakfast.  End up only he eating, while I had my cuppa.

The first 'spark' was really good, and we went on and on and on for about 2 hours and he took the pity that Princess was napping in my arms..  He is a nice guy, and he was telling me that he is bachelor for that day (in fact will be for 10 days) and he didn't have good sleep since he is one.  Poor fella waiting and waiting for the return of his family members.

I told him I will be in Penang again, and I will surely want to meet his family members soon, and hopefully in December we will catch up again.  If you asked me why I didn't have any photo, that's because we just totally forgotten about it!  It's really a good one to have him, and even, we address each other as 'bro' & 'sis'!

Even after the meeting, he was so kind and concern that he called to ask when will I be leaving Penang, and wishing me a safe drive.  Of course, we laughed about the 'wedding lunch' too!  Thanks Eugene, for choosing me instead of the marathon run!!

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  1. I always always appreciate a good friend and I can see that in you that indeed you are one,,,, despite our brief meet up,I felt like you are just a close friend already,,,, thank you for wanting to meet up with me and I really for the time of your sharing and I hope all the best for you and the little Breanna ya.

    Don't forget about our pact,when I see you the next time,,,, kkekekekek you know what I mean right?

    I hope you had enjoyed my company as much as I have enjoyed yours,, thank you once again ya


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