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Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Birthday...

passed without any candle blowing or cake cutting.. not even a slice of cake... but I learned something over it..

I've learned... "You can plan.. but GOD decide"

The reason I say so is I had all planned on that day... now my plan...

Morning - I will go for a two hour massage to pamper myself after sending Princess to Childcare.. BUT turned out I brought Princess to the spa instead...

Afternoon - Back at office for lunch with my colleagues as my boss prepared her nice yummy cheese mayo dip for us.. this as planned...

After lunch - I bought a voucher online for Megakidz Mid Valley and wanted to take Princess for a play.. BUT I was asked to drive my mum to Seremban

Dinner - Again, I bought 4 vouchers for buffet dinner in one of the Japanese restaurant, BUT I end up having dinner in Seremban instead!

In the end, I got home late at night, and I didn't got a cake for myself..

Additionally, I got Princess who just started to learn 'I Love You' saying.. "Daddy, I love you" "Mami, I love you" "Ah Ma, I Love You"... and I was slapped with a question from my mum... "See... heard what your daughter just said?  How are you going to tell her when she asked about the 'daddy'?"  Aiyo, what a damn question to ask me on my Birthday!!! But nevertheless, let me say this again and again.. I have nothing to hide from Princess, I will tell her what she should know at stage she can handle it.. If she thinks it's my fault for bringing her to this world without a father, it's OK as long as she is living happy and healthy.  All I asked for is just that..

So, did you asked why I head to Seremban instead of following my birthday plan?

Read here..

I have no complains on ways to celebrate the big day.. I am happy that I have my mum and Princess with me on that day even I have to spend 2 hours in hospital visiting my aunt... I was happy my aunt recovered from the cold blooded action and able to chat with us during the 2 hours visiting... I don't have much as ask for as long as my family members are all healthy living and kicking..

and GOD's provide... as I got my bonus cheque from the insurance company paying me my interest from the investment today, making this month not as dry as before and it comes in my birthday month!!  GOOD...

The ONLY bad thing I can think of now is that my birthday is just 1 day before that 'donkey' and it really damn sianz knowing that!!! LOL!

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  1. oh... no wonder u gotto go to seremban. But anyway, at least u got the massage. I didn't have a cake either and u know.. i gotto eat my bro's bday cake that was meant for 10 days before mine. :( But anyway, let's wish each other for a better year and better health :)


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