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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A new start...

I make a very important decision last week and its been really hard.

I will be making a move in my career to something better and more promising.  Despite of it, I feel very heavy heart to leave my current job as I have been working since I return to Malaysia 6 years back.  For the sake of princess,I had to move due to monetary matters.  My boss has counter offer me but I turn down as I don't want to destroy my reputation and trust. Since I have inform my new employer that I will start, I don't want to fall back on my words.

I am grateful of my current boss being someone that is really caring and understanding, also supportive! She has given me lots of opportunities to grow and learn.

Here I would like to ask my reader a favour... if you know anyone that plan to migrate to other countries,do consider engages the company that has been housing for the last 6 years...

Thanks to my boss and lovely colleagues... I will have 1 last week with them before I make my move...

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  1. Life is a journey with multiple stops & checkpoints. It is extremely heartening to know that you have found and moved on to something better.
    As a brother, I sincerely wish the best in your future uptakes and I bet those who love and care for you will feel the same.

    All the best sis !


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