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Monday, November 14, 2011

Trial Run.. after 33 months

As I posted earlier, next week will be a new beginnings after a 'halt' for 33 months since the birth of my Princess.  Today, I started 'practising' my journey, to ensure that I will be able to 'train' and make it a habit for both myself and Princess.  I got to be able to arrive at my new work place which is just opposite my current one by 9am SHARP!  

So, I get my alarm activated at 7am instead of 8am this morning, and snooze for 10 minutes just to relax a bit.  I tried to sneak out of my bed without waking my Princess but failed!  She turned and rubble around, and found that I am not there.. and she just blurted.. I want 'shi shi'.. ok ok, girl, you can got up and go do your business while I did mine also! haiya... 

I asked if she would want to take her bath but she says NO, and of course, she blurted that she did not want to go school too!  In order not to upset both myself and her, I just brushed and say.. OK, if you don't want to go school.. PERIOD!  She stood at the bathroom door waiting for me to take my shower, and out of sudden, she took off her shirt and says she want to bath too!  OK, let her have her bath and we both got to get ready to get out of the house..

My target is to leave by 8am LATEST!  So, after bath, as usual, dress for Princess, dress for myself while hurrying her to 'kao tim' whatever she wants to do, i.e. comb and tie her hair, taking her vitamins, pack her bags, her tumbler and all sorts.. With all the 'hurry up', 'fast', "I am late", we finally got out with a smiling Princess at 8.15am.  Got to make sure I improve the timing tomorrow which means might have to forgo my snoozing time :(

We arrived at her school at 8.30am, and again, I tried to speed to work.  I took the non-toll paying route as it's easier for me since I can bypass some traffic using the additional lane created for residence living in the neighbourhood at Princess school, and I finally able to reach my office car park sharp at 9am.  Which means, I won't be able to arrive office at 9am since I still got to take at least a 5 minutes walk.  

Hold and behold, it's still a good start since I only start work at 10am, and I am working additional hour for the current office.. muahahah.... 

I hope I can get the routine up before I start work, and at least give my new employer a good impression on getting to work ON TIME! 


  1. You'll get used to it soon enough...and even on weekends and holidays, your body clock will stick to the same times.

  2. Ahhah...everyday I am battling with this kind of PERIOD..LOL!!


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