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Thursday, December 1, 2011

20 posts a month??

aiyo, I recently submitted my blog for verification and trying to earn a bucks here and there for some extra pocket money.. and guess what?  My blog was decline due to insufficient posts *pst*.  I agree that I have not been good in updating my blog, and it's been too many excuses for it.  

I got hit this morning when I got the decline email, and guess I really have to buck up now to have it moving.  It's been a waste if I keep the cob web in my blog after I work so hard over the last 2++ years.  

So now, since it's the 1st December 2011, I think I should start just take 10 mins in the morning to do a quick jot on my days of event.  Of course, it will not have any photos, but if I have any that I uploaded, I will copy and paste it here too.

Since now the office has blocked my access to all networking sites, therefore I should have more time to update this blog.  For those who has been coming with no updates, I sincerely apologies, and will have more updates soon.


  1. Ya lor,you slow slow update blog one lah,,,,, now must fast horse, add whips already lol..

    hey,you no good,no good,no good, got "kantau" to earn extra bucks from blogging,also never kia shiau wa? how come like that leh?

    take care now ya,looking forward to 17th dec

  2. Welcome back, Cyn!!

    I am sure you have a lots to post up soon.


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