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Tuesday, December 20, 2011



Are you getting excited and all worked up on the last 'job' of Steve Job?  I goes 'WOW' when I read this announcement from Nuffnang this morning, and I would love to say that DiGi iPhone 4SURE MOST AFFORDABLE!!

Having such a sophisticated phone, but unable to make it perform to the tip top level because you can't have an affordable data/mobile plan to suit your phone.. don't you think it's a shame.. fright no further, now DiGi iPhone 4SURE MOST AFFORDABLE is for you... 
Why do I say so?  Let me show you three available plans or you can refer to HERE

Click on the pictures for bigger image

Take the middle plan, which already will give you a savings of RM1,400.00 which will make your phone so much more affordable! and what's more, you can now purchase ONLINE and got it deliver to your doorstep!  That's save you the time, and cost of transport to purchase the phone and sign for the plan!! Isn't that really AFFORDABLE?

I myself have been using the Digi plan, and I am a loyal customer of Digi.. that's include my whole family which my mum, my brother are in the same boat. With this plan further, if you got your family and friends into the same network, your calling charges will not be so high too!  I think most of our calls are made up with family and friends... 'duh'.. who wants to call your enemy right?  Oh well, for me, I do call an 'enemy' on each month end.. but very unfortunate, he is not on Digi.. coz he is just not as smart as ME! 

You seen the affordable plans for you to own a new phone, guess what I am going to do with it when I got it later?  I do fell in love with some new features on the phone, and will tell you more about it soon...  I mean very soon... stay tune

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