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Thursday, December 22, 2011


I admit I am very good in fact findings.. give me anything, I will try to source for the final answer.  I will go search and search by internet, call and sometimes even visiting.

But you see, when I heard on the release of iPhone 4S, I am even happier... why?  Because the new phone has a very good function which make my 'curiosity' go wild.  Apparently, I can asked anything relevant with the new SIRI, BUT.. I need a good network too!  So, DiGi iPhone 4SURE SIRI ANSWERS.

From Stuff That Siri Says where you’ll find TONS of hillarious Siri interactions.
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I definitely got loads of questions to ask SIRI.. and you know what, I just love to bits, when I know how should I decide for my meals.. Don't you think it's very frustrating each time when someone asked you, "what to eat" and the answer is always "Don't Know", "Anything", "Cincai".. aiyo, SIRI sure don't give me this kind of answer anymore!!!  


YES, try asking SIRI, I hope it can answer the winner for the DIGI iPhone 4S is ME!! 

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  1. I played with SIRI today and I tell you it is darn hillarious lah his answer!!


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