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Friday, December 9, 2011

I was really furious!!!

I seldom write about my family issues publicly.. mostly in my Rant Blog which it's for some private reading but this morning was way too much!!! I am really furious till NOW!!!!  I can't imagine someone can be so damn selfish!! First, he claimed the 'convenience' of the extra car... 2nd, he got his wife into debt (officially) which the car is in his wife name (which now I believe it's in possession).. This morning, he took the advantage of my time just because of some 'don't know' what stuff that he has to do!!!!! Don't try to step on my tail, as I have been nice keeping my mouth shut!!  I hate it!!  Do whatever you want, as long as your failure do not interfere with my life but DON'T TRY TO BRING YOUR FAILURE AND MAKE MYSELF FAIL LIKE YOU!

If any of my family members (extended) read this, I am sure I will get the blame for putting this publicly.. people say, 家醜不出外傳 but this is really too much!! I mean I can tolerate all the crap that is happening but NOT INTERRUPTING MY MORNING SCHEDULE!!  AS I DON'T!

When I used to work at 10am, I already know that my SIL will start to take over the bathroom at 7.30am, therefore, when I started working at 9am, I make a point to get up at 6.30am as I would want to be considerate and let my SIL had the bathroom at her usual schedule so I don't interrupt her usual screwed life!  In addition, since I don't like the feeling of being interrupted, I don't do it to others (THAT'S ME)!

So, this morning, I was seriously furious when my SIL & my brother both entered the bathroom at 6.30am!!!  I was really angry as this would cause my delay for sure!!  and what on earth that they want to get up this early!!! I mean if you have told me that you needed to take your bloody bath at 6.30am, I would get up at 6 instead to make sure I got myself ready on time!!  

One who doesn't work, lofting freely on home, as got something to do at 8am?  When everyone in the house is away, and purposely on the day when the house is only the 2 of us?  My SIL has the guts to say I am childish thinking that they doing it on purpose, which I think she has not know my brother long enough to commit her now screwed life!

In addition, they have the guts to tell me to move out... HELLO... WHO THE HELL IN THIS WORLD WOULD WANT TO LIVE WITH IN LAWS?!! *note:  those who are fail to even get themselves a roof on their own*  *another note:  I am moving out very soon.. I mean REALLLLL SOOOONNN as I think I got enough of all these craps*  So, don't worry, there will be no more fights over the bathroom soon coz I am leaving and is going to care-less of what happen in the house SOON since people asked for it!

Well,  as the usual people won't die if one does not exist, but they will SUFFER! muahaha.. yes, I am evil mode cause my whole dressing table was WET when my brother splash water in my room while I bang on the toilet door to rush them OUT!!!  Seriously, I am NOT GOING to tolerate this kind of CRAP!

Again, if anyone in my family want to label me as one who hot temper, not tolerating, let's be IT!!  Frankly speaking, put anyone living in my situation, then you be understand what kind of SHIT I am going through... when you have someone keep 'harping' on you and complaining with no other good stuff, other than grumbling and grumbling, you will then understand it's DIFFICULT in my position!  Say whatever you want!

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