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Friday, December 2, 2011

It took me 2 hours... and what you do when traffic jam

I can't get to anywhere last evening after work as there was a massive jam in KL city due to road closure for a concert and heavy downpour. I got to pick my mum whose car was in workshop, and it took me an hour just to get to her office from mine which usually took 15 mins! On top of that, I opted to enter a hotel parking, paid the entry parking fees just because I try to avoid the traffic and bypass to the exit where my mum waiting. Consolation that I was not charged with full parking fees! So while stuck with an almost parking like traffic, I scoll my phone,checking out my fb, play some games... seriously if you want to know how bad was that, let me say I can finish a few rounds of games before I had a chance to move my car! This was a very rare occasion for me to stuck as usually I will stay in office to avoid it but nowadays I can't stay late as I got no one at home to care for princess when she got home after childcare. In one word, Disastrous!

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  1. It took me 2.5 hours...... really wasting time and petrol.


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