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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's so different now

When I first started working in a MNC was when I first graduated from college, and I worked there for 5 years before moving out to explore my other opportunities in Singapore.  Years later, now, working in another MNC, I really find it so much different comparing in 10 years ago.

Currently, I noticed a lot of people 'refuse' to make open communication, and have the thought that the superior reporting 'boss' is unreachable all the time.  Even to get the 'boss' signature, it sounded so damn difficult.  I just wonder why?
Those days, when I used to work with all the dato' datin, I don't have an issue approaching them for their signatures on all mandatory documents, but now.. even to sign on an attendance sheet, people are so worry to put their pen down.. I mean, it's an attendance sheet for goodness sake!  Just like those days when our name are called in school and we raise our hand.. but now we treated it adult way by asking for SIGNATURES!

I mean nowadays where still got big company run by the boss himself anymore.. all the way to the top, it will normally be 'paid' and makan gaji one.. even the MD would not like to be called the 'boss' but by the person who manage the company.  

In addition, we used to write specific instructions, but now they prefer to give verbally, and then later you get those 'blame' for not able to transmit clearly..  Sometimes, it's so difficult to specifically give verbal instruction ya.. In addition, people don't ask anymore.. they pretend they know, but in the actual fact, they DON'T KNOW!! 

Are you facing the same issue?

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