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Friday, December 16, 2011

My blog feed 'lau sai'

I don't know what happen, suddenly my blog feed not responding, and it's not updating as it supposed to be.. It has no updates show at all for the last few weeks, and suddenly, it when appearing all at one go.  For people who has been following my blog using Google Reader, they will know what I am referring, as I did put my blog in the reader to trace if updates happen. 

So, yesterday, out of a sudden, my reader was flooded with the numerous blog posts which were way old up to 3 weeks.  That's explain the lesser visit during the last 2 weeks, and people may thought that I am taking a break with no updates?

I apologise if any of this flooded your readers and I hope from now on it' don't happen again... I seriously don't know what's wrong!  I have yet to find the correct medication to treat this 'constipation' and 'diarrhea' situation!

So, if anyone reading this post, and you seems not able to find any updates on your blogroll, please do not think I am 'dead'.. I am still alive kicking and will love to have your visit!

Take care!

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