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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Preparing for Christmas

Ho.. Ho.. Ho.. Christmas is just another 2 weeks from now, and I have not started ANYTHING!  No plans on selling Christmas cookies this year as my time are now used to accommodate the new changes in my work flow and timing, and to also let Princess has her time with me.  We have been spending good quality time together after work and weekend (mummy feeling guilty and now compensating it to her).  Therefore, baking for this year order is not going to be on.. I am working towards CNY instead.  

My wish list this year for Christmas?  Nothing material actually.. all I wish for is that Princess grow in healthy and less crying, and myself, all happy with my career and family...

My office has started the plan for Christmas celebration, and it will all be before the Christmas holiday for sure.. No one is willing to attend official function on holidays I assume.. My huge big family (together with my cousin) will be spending the Christmas weekend in Melaka.. Thinking of it, the traffic to Melaka is going to be HUGE too! LOL!

There will be another Christmas lunch with my ex office on the 23rd December 2011, and I have planned to bake a log cake and another desserts as we will be doing pot-luck.  

Now, the headache is always the gift exchange.. this year, I got to crack 2 gifts for both the event, and I am still got no idea what to buy.. one with minimum RM20, and another RM40.. any suggestion?  Something commonly usable... Who came out with the idea of gift exchange on Christmas?  I thought it's always the Santa's job?  LOL!!

So far, I have only visited a few shopping malls on their Christmas deco, and planning to bring Princess for more photoshoots this weekend since my mum and youngest brother are away in Singapore.  I hope I can get more shots before end of the year for Princess as I noticed I have not been doing it as much as last year.  

How about you?  Have you started on your Christmas planning?

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  1. I will buy vouchers. Sometimes gift exchange, i will receive things i wont like/use..so its just a waste. With vouchers, the person can buy whatever he/she wants


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