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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saying Goodbye 2011

2011 has been marked the 2nd year being a single mother, and it's loads more to learn to be one.. This year, it's a whole loads of challenges and changes, come with good opportunities!  I have make more friends, and lose some too but isn't that life?  

I got myself perked up and started working.. adjusting myself back to the working world after a 2 years break. I started working part time in my previous Company, till recent November that I started working full time again!  I changed a new job in the late 2011, and I am glad I took the challenge and I am happy with it now.  

My Princess has grown a lot!  She is now more independent (that's explain I can do this post now) and she is also got to adjust herself into the mummy's schedule (poor girl).  She was put in the nursery after the dismiss of the helper.  I am glad she is taking it well after 3 months... (she hopes everyday is just Saturday, and she no need to go 'school')

I accepted the Lord and putting my faith in HIM.  I learned to take things in better steps, and able to accept things as a challenge and believes that with all my faith and hard work, I will be able to overcome it.  I make a point to attend church on Sunday, bringing the Princess out for some 'social', so she has better exposure in terms of her friends.

In general, it's been a good year in 2011, and I am looking forward for 2012... I don't know if the world will come to an end in 2012, however I will do my part in saving it... My resolution for 2012 are to have more home cook food (so I ta pao to work), and to also bring Princess for a holiday which we will travel by plane.. somewhere that we need to fly!

In 2012, it will end my days of being the debt collector, and also a mark to put everything behind and look forward for a better one to come.

In 2012, I hope my family members, friends and even enemies live their life fullest, healthy, and happy always!

To my readers, wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year to u and lil Brea! May all ur wishes come true in 2012.

  2. Happy New Year Cynthia and Breanna. All the very best for 2012.


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