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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tummy shrink or age catching up?

Last week, I finally used the 4 buffet vouchers on Shogun which I bought and intention to use during my birthday.  However due to unforeseen circumstances, the dinner finally happened last week after much postpone.

Nevertheless, everyone did enjoyed the buffet.. except myself

Reason being:  I calculated the amount of food I had, which made up less than what I used to had when come to Japanese buffet.  I usually able to have at least half dozen of fresh oyster (I only had 3), and at least a few round of sashimi (which I only had 2), no desserts and no ice cream.  I didn't have much of the tempura either..

I was feeling not very well and my tummy just can't take in any more food for that matter.  My youngest brother who asked me if I am going for desserts, I rejected!  I was surprised!! I can't even take in a small piece of cheesecake any further.

I felt like throwing out what I have eaten... and I thought it was the food that causes all this... Only recently I realise I have been eating less the amount.. I can't eat much any more.. is my tummy shrinking or my age catching up to digest those yummy food!?

In addition, even during lunch hour, I don't really had heavy meals.  In order to save some $$, I decided to pack leftovers from home.. Some weekends, I just cook extra and pack, freeze for a week lunch, and knowing how lazy I am, I only put in smaller containers therefore lunch was not heavy either..

Also, was it due to the lemon water / tea that I have been drinking since I joined the company?  I have been drinking lemon water / tea without any sugar as I recently read that lemon is good for detoxification and also a good anti-oxidant agent... So, I had my share of lemon water / tea since it's way more convenient in my current office.. does that contribute to the less food?

It really make me wonders..

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