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Monday, December 19, 2011

What is the alternative?

Oh Gosh, I am stuck now... very badly need help if anyone could..

I need suggestions of where is the alternatives I can consider putting Princess on the final week of 2011!  The childcare centre is closing for holiday from 22nd December onwards till the next year. I submitted my no-pay leave application last week for a total of 6 days to cover all the period, but very unfortunately, my leave was not approved this morning.  Sigh...

This may be the first challenge I got to face being a single mother, who will single handedly raise Princess.. I wish I could have help from my elders but I doubted it will happen.  Seriously, knowing that my mum got to do her work, I don't think I will be able to get her help.  Without the other half to share some leaves approval, I got no one to turn to.. and I can tell you, that my 2nd challenge will come very soon after Princess complete childcare and goes to Kindy.  I will have to source for a 'nanny' which can take care of Princess for half a day after school.. now, let's not think about that far... solve what I have first... HEADACHE!

I called another childcare that operates near my office, which they will also be closed next week, which make it impossible to 'dump' placed Princess there on the final week.

So, 2 options gone... the 3rd one... will keep praying for GOD that I manage to speak and ask for my leave approval.. but what if not?  I seriously can't think of any.. do you have an alternative suggestion for me?

What a Monday Headache I have... sigh..

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