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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2nd Jan 2012 & 3rd January 2012

I am back to the routine on the 3rd day of 2012!

We had a very bad night last night, as my mum is trying to get in contact with my aunts in Penang as we received news that my uncle has been certified terminal ill by the doctor, and was asked to bring him home for his final breath.

My uncle suffered kidney and diabetics, and as time goes by, he is getting from good to worse.  He had stay on strong to see his son's wedding which indeed a regret that he didn't got his chance to attend the wedding lunch due to his health condition.  

My uncle has been very nice to me, and we are quite close as my uncle will visit KL very often those days when he has assignments in KL.  We meet up each time we got time, and each year, I will attempt to go Penang visiting him when he health started to deteriorate.  It's sad to receive the news of his departure last night, and this morning, we are all trying to inform our relatives respectively.  Now, I am contemplating on whether I should take leave and attend the funeral.  It's going to be the final journey of my uncle.

In addition, I got my payslip this morning, and the final week of year 2011, I lost RM1,000 as I took unpaid leave to care for Princess.. Thinking of the amount, it make me feel 'pain' but have to revert my attention to the quality time that I had spend with Princess over the last week.  It's fun to see her grow and able to spend so much time with her.

Princess returned to her nursery this morning, with a great whine in the morning upon arriving at her nursery.  It's expected that this would happen, and I tried to prolong it till almost arriving the nursery.. how?  as and when she asked if we going 'kai kai' I just ignore and not answering.. she has in thought that she is going 'kai kai' only till we arrived at the nursery that she knows she was 'con'.

Upon arriving at work, I got to start updating the new calendars and also clearing the necessary outstanding work.  I was welcomed with approx 50 unread emails of my one week break!  

Last, I wish my uncle's soul will Rest in Peace and free from all his sickness.

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  1. My deepest condolences to you and the family of your uncle. He is in a better place now, free from pain and sickness.

    Yes, thinking of the money 'lost' is heartache esp with CNY around the corner but glad that you are very positive about it and yes, to Breanna, that ONE week is worth a MILLION RM for her!

    You take care Cyn... :)


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