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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are we sometimes confuse?

I don't know why, but recently I have been having conversation on 'hey, you are a XXX (religion), you celebrate CNY meh?' and mind you, this is not just apply to myself, but my other 'converts' too!  

I mean, when I first got into this kind of conversation, I find it very 'funny' as any Chinese in the whole wide world would celebrate Chinese New Year no matter what kind of religion they are in.. and Why is that so a question like this was asked? 

Another question is about the 'dong zhi' also.. I mean, people are getting confuse of what is the tradition, and what is the religious celebration.  It's very weird that people started to put in their religion and tradition mixing up.  It's getting confuse of what is to be celebrated, and what is not.  In addition, with the commercialisation of all these festive celebration, it's been more and more confusing.

I remembered those years, my parents don't celebrate Christmas, but we have all the praying session as and when the "GOD" so called birthday.  On top of that, we have to pray also on those 1st and 15th of lunar month.  But being someone who has accepted Christ, I don't do this anymore.

However, I will still pray using joss stick only to my ancestors as I think they won't understand if I stand in front of the alter, and start reading word of God from my bible, therefore, I still pray them to what they used to.  I think we got to 'practical' in some ways due to the crossing of believes.  In addition, is that we are expected to respect the death, not the the death respecting us right?  So, we should practice what the death used to practice right?  

As a Chinese, I emphasis on celebrating 3 major occasions:-

1)  Chinese New Year
2)  Ching Ming
3)  Dong Zhi

The rest of the celebration, I can make do without it actually... I am happy to gather and eat a good meal with my family members, but if circumstances don't allow, then the above 3 will be a MUST! 

What is your opinion?


  1. I'm a born-Christian and when I have to show my last respect to someone who died (who is also a Buddhist or Taoist), I still use the joss stick. Using the joss stick is just a sign of respect, it does not mean I'm worshipping the deceased person. However, for my mum who is a Christian, she won't use the joss stick, but I don't care what sort of opinion she will have on me. I'll just do whatever I think and know is right and does not cross the border of being a Christian. So far my conscience is clear when I last held the joss stick for my late grandmother (a Taoist) in November 2011. Just my opinion....

  2. Mine's CNY and Chap Goh Meh...but I would love to eat the meat dumplings during the Zhang Festival and maybe, mooncakes too during the Lantern Festival. The rest, not so keen.


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