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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


First day of Chinese New Year was always an routine.  

The family got up 7 early 8 early, had the flower bath to mark the significant day.  We are not allowed to wash our hair, therefore the hair washing was done the night before.  After change into our new clothes, we will meet each other in the family hall and had a bowl of sweet 'tang yuen' which my mum prepares.  Beside tang yuen, it will have dried longan, lotus seed and red dates.  

After distributing ang pows to the elders (mum) and the young ones, we will then leave the house for our annual trip to the temple where my grandparents 'sen chi pai' located.  We will be there every 1st day of Chinese New Year and meet the rest of the family members there for the vegetarian meal.  The vegan meal was provided FOC to all patrons to the temple on this day.

After eating, we will then proceed to the side to have some photo shoots and distribution of ang pows by the rest of the family members, and both myself and Princess will do our annual shooting here too!  Below is the annual photo of myself and Princess. 

After spending almost half a day in the temple, we proceed to my eldest uncle house for 'lunch'.. imagine we just taken a full vegan meal, and in my uncle's we gonna have the 'porky' meal.  My aunt prepared dishes for our tummy satisfaction.  LOL!  She knows us well that the vegan meal will not be sufficient to fill our hungry tummy!

After eating, we excused to get home individually for a rest.  Dinner will be at my youngest uncle house in Balakong.  This year was a great family gathering as everyone was smiling and laughing recollecting the beautiful memories of the good old days.

1st day of CNY also gave me some luck, as I won a little of RM5 playing cards with my cousins.  We left my uncle around 11pm heading home preparing for the next day.  

To be continue...


  1. routine but looks good also, better than mine.. i spent the 1st day having two rounds of afternoon naps!! wakakakaka, really too bored and nothing much to do.. :D

  2. Gong Hey Huat Choy to you and your family.


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