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Friday, January 20, 2012


I read The Star Online version each morning at work to keep up to the recent news, and what caught my attention were the 4 links below about FACEBOOK!

FB is not an alien to anyone anymore, as gradually, more and more people are connecting each other with it.  The Pros are that you get loads of attention in your daily life, and also able to connect with people who are living away from you whether is next door neighbor or faraway friends.

In all the 4 links, it basically spell out the cons of having FB, and people are getting distracted with the necessary 'human' connection instead.  I can say that is very true actually.  I saw couples communicating through FB by tagging their spouse, and letting the whole wide world reading it.. LOL!

What is your take in FB, and do you spend most of your 'communicating' time with human?

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