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Monday, January 2, 2012

First Post 2012

I welcomed 2012 in a bang!  Bang with all the fireworks! and loads of laughter with my family members!

I started working on my durian cake project (you must be wondering why I say project since it's just a durian cake right)?  Coz I need to source for good durian flesh as this cake was ordered for someone special who returned from New Zealand.  My job is to make sure she return to New Zealand with the cake lingering in her mouth.. muahah..

So, I woke up early on the 1st, went for a nice lunch and back home starting to work on the cake base and the filing.  I went around 3 places to buy the musang king, D24 & D2 as my usual supplier ran out of musang king last night.  Came home, preparing the necessary and this morning, I woke up again to touch up the cake which will be delivered this evening.

The information on the cake can be found HERE

I am really grateful to my supporting customers, giving me business as and when they need a cake.  

Today is mark the final day of school / work holiday which both myself and Princess will need to get back to work / nursery.  I am praying that we don't have to get the 'blues' tomorrow and Princess will not whine in the morning.  Praying that the mighty give me the patience in dealing with her whine if she does, and we can leave the house latest by 7.50am!

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  1. The cake looks nice! Here's wishing you a very good 2012 and praying that 2012 will NOT be the end of the world :D


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