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Monday, January 16, 2012

Where should I stay?

It's another 7 days in exact to Chinese New Year, and what have you done so far?  For myself, beside some baking done yesterday, I done NOTHING!  I am super worried each day when I see my mum tearing the calendar (oh yes, I still has those day by day Calendar this year)!  It's getting scary to see each day passed by so fast, when nothing was basically done!
Are you planning to travel also?  For myself, I think beside the 2nd and 3rd day, I practically will be at home.  Again, I was 'needed' to take the rest of the week off due to the closure of the childcare centre and I was very skeptical that I can find any accommodation for that, therefore the plan of traveling is halt for this year. 

However, I am planning (in fact have to) be in Ipoh on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, and yet I have not done any research or booking on my accommodation.  I might have to sleep on the street in the event that I can't find a place to stay.  So, feeling panic, I tried searching up and low for a suitable place for ONE night!  Yes, it's only ONE night, and I have an issue here as I will bring Princess along without anyone else.  I need to be in Ipoh to meet a friend before taking my friend's family to KL again on the next day.  Can you imagine my panic when I called most of the decent hotels and they say they are fully booked!  Who is now going to IPOH?!

While searching, I suddenly remembered those days I used to take cab to work, and this picture will always there.. and it came to my mind!

So, with immediate action, I go the iBilik to search for what I want hoping to see if I can avoid sleeping on the street in Ipoh.  If I ever know it's that easy, I won't have to trouble during my search on my Melaka holiday earlier.  While browsing the website, I am also surprised to find there are also other properties and unit that suits my future moving out plan.

Can you now imagine my joy?  I can at least have additional resources to depend on when I need accommodation!

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