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Thursday, February 2, 2012

EARs (Emergency Assistance & Response Services)


Do you drive a car?  Have you got yourself stuck during emergency?  Have you got the trouble to locate where are you?

I can tell that I am one who fear the most when come to driving on the road, more when I am now a single mother with a toddler.  Driving with a toddler has made it very challenging as the toddler demand attention when she got bored riding in the car.  In order to ensure safety, we will need to ensure a proper car check each time we plan to travel far.  But still, the 'non expected' will happen no matter what at times.  I recently came about this new application in Smartphone called EARs (Emergency Assistance Response).  

EARs stands for “Emergency Assistance & Response Services”, which is an emergency personal safety and automotive assistance service with 10 years of experience in the automotive industry. We leverage on cutting edge mobile technology to provide real and effective solutions to help you stay safe while on and off the road, having launched the smartphone app “EARsAlert” version 1 in 2009 and version 2 in 2011. Our service is affordable and accessible, and we advocate on-going awareness on personal safety and protection. At EARs, we believe the best form of safety lies in prevention. For more information, please log on to www.ears.my.

EARs is a nationwide personal safety and automotive assistance service, ready to aid anyone who find themselves lost, stranded or in need of emergency personal or automotive help. EARs also comes packaged with a free iPhone or Android application affectionately known as the “EARsAlert2”, which allows users to seek for help at the touch of a button. The technology was developed since 2009 and this revamped version has now been fine-tuned to meet different needs, including a 5-second auto alert. The app is now available on iTunes and the Android Market for users to download for free, and they can test it in demo mode or use it with a free EARs 30-day trial membership. The app will soon be available for other smartphones.

The services available as follows:-

    PALPersonal Alert

  • Personal alerting for personal emergencies
  • FREE immediate follow-up call by an EARs agent upon
    receiving an alert to confirm alert and determine
    state of emergency
  • FREE alerting of up to 5 emergency contacts via SMS
  • FREE follow-up calls to emergency contacts to ensure
    receipt of SMS & to provide further info if available
  • Cooperation with emergency contacts to determine next
    course of action to provide best rescue solution to user
  • 24/7 EARs emergency response centre
  • Worldwide live protection & tracking (GPS)
  • FREE EARsAlert2 SMART app for smartphones
  • ... More

    BRASSBreakdown Rescue & Assistance

  • Automotive accident & breakdown alert and assistance
  • 24/7 EARs emergency response centre
  • FREE towing (unlimited events)
  • FREE breakdown roadside assistance (unlimited events)
  • Nationwide coverage including Sabah & Sarawak (currently for Malaysia only)
  • FREE EARsAlert2 SMART app for smartphones
  • ... More

    OTHERSIf Required

  • Car rental assistance
  • Arrangement of hotel accommodation
  • Referral to workshop
  • Referral to workshop for accident cases
  • Emergency message transmission
  • Assistance with police reporting (accident cases)
  • Assistance with insurance claims (accident cases)
  • Assistance with workshop repairs (accident cases)

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