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Friday, February 17, 2012

It's 3 years now..

Today marked the 3rd year into Motherhood, and the pains still linger once a while..

What happen 3 years ago, was a pain.. but now it's gradually turning into my precious memories...

After staying home for 2 years caring for Princess, I finally worked more frequent last year, and now even in a better salary employment...

Princess started her childcare days after the runaway maid incident, and she is happily waving goodbye to me each morning when she is there...

Today, will be Princess first kind of celebration that involves other than myself and my family members.  Princess got a chance to celebrate with her friends in childcare...

From what I used to blame the man that make me who I am, I now got to thank him for letting me having such a precious...

Princess is more very understanding girl (besides her whines) that she is now more expressive in what her needs and her feeling...

A letter to my Princess:-

Dear Princess,

Mummy loves you, and mummy hopes to care the fullest for you.  Mummy hope you understand that the reason that mummy works hard is to make sure that you got will be given a better life in time to come.  Mummy feels sorry for not able to give you a 'father' but mummy promise that I will always be there when you needed the 'father' figure.  Mummy hope you understand in time to come, that you always a precious baby to mummy.

Besides your whines when things don't get in your way, you are a good girl.  Mummy knows that you are very independent, helpful and caring.  You loves everyone at home, and you always make us laugh..  Mummy hope you get enough of your 'nen-nen' and decide to change to other alternatives this year.

Mummy prays for your health, and wishing you to grow with loads of laughter instead of cry.  Mummy promise to be more tolerate to your 'whines' and hope we could have better years ahead.

Last but not the least, mummy wishes you "Happy 3rd Birthday"



  1. You are a great mum, Cynthia! Breanna is very blessed to have you as her mummy :)

  2. Cyn, you are a strong and brave mom! All the best to you!!


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