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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Princess Birthday - Preparation

I finally able to do a short posting while having my lunch... here was what I did for Princess celebration in her childcare last Friday.  I started new job, no leave since I have yet to be confirm (and yes, I just pass my confirmation date i.e 21 February 2012) so feeling a little bit bad, I decided to do a party for Princess in her childcare instead..

Before I start anything, I pre-ordered the party packs and the party topper from HERE and it cost me RM1.80 per bag

Party Packs
The party packs consist of:

Home made Mickey & Minnie Mouse Butter Cookies (shown below), 
a balloon, , 
a piece of Disney Stickers (shown above) - I bought this from Nu Lycie (Jalan Sultan) which cost me RM1.50 per book consist of 6 pieces of individual stickers

5 pieces of the below Pastiles Manufactured by Winsun 
(Pack into small bags I bought from Daiso) - RM5 for 40 bags and I also bought rolls of  adhesive tape to make the tie better - RM5 for 3 rolls and I use only half a roll

On the actual day, I also baked Hokkaido cupcakes with Blueberry filing and put in Mickey Cupcakes liner

Picture Courtesy From HERE

I also bought a few jelly molds and make some Ribena Jelly with Pear

Picture Courtesy From HERE
After the day, I called the childcare getting feedback from the childminder, and besides Princess who proudly announced that her mummy made the cake, the childminder is also happy with the goodies. 

The end result:  Happy Princess = Happy ME!


  1. Love your goodies bag there and thanks for those links.

  2. Nice party packs! I just luv the personalised party pack toppers.

  3. You really went all out to create these special goodies to make the little princess' party a great and memorable one :)

  4. Hi Cynthia..

    I stumbled upon your blog while checking out my traffic sources for my website.

    Oh, thank you so much for your entry and photo of the final party packs.

    Do keep in touch & take care!


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