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Friday, February 10, 2012

Settling Bills

Over the Chinese New Year period, this was faced in many many occasion... the 'fight' to settle bills!!!  I mean, why are people rushing to pay bills, and do it so secretly?  I was really uneasy each time when I have gatherings and stuff, and I got people who walked to the counter secretly to pay bills... and that has resulted me doing the same at times!!  I mean, what's the problem of letting people know that you are going to buy the meal?  Why can't among friends / family to be more open in the communication?

The other scenario will be.... EVERYONE rushing to pay when the bill is called!!  Aiyo... can't someone discussed who is suppose to pay and split the bill later?  Why always come to the very last minute, you have someone snatching the bill, and wanted to pay.... so the one paying is more 'wai sui' ah?

I always prefer the AA method provided it's for a reason on the meal.  I am lucky to have some friends who understand that, and when come to payment, everyone very automatic to come out with the calculation of each share than thinking one will pay for another.  

I am writing this as recently, a friend was complaining that he attended a gathering makan on the CNY, and he paid the bill while waiting for the rest to 'reimburse' but it never happen.. so I asked... then how come you paid?  and the reason given?  because everyone was snatching and he was also one of them, and later he is the nearest to the one who gave the bill... In his own thought, he was in the idea that since everyone was wanting to pay, then everyone will pay him in return after he paid.. but very unfortunate, after he paid, the rest of his friends just mum on paying back... My remark to him... "you didn't ask them to pay"... the response.. "pai seh"

My final remark... PADAN MUKA!!

So, how do you go out and eat with friends and later settle the bills?

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