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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Water Dragon Celebration - Part 2

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I told you my memory is failing me? didn't I?  On the 5th day of CNY, we actually celebrated my nephew's belated birthday at my cousin hub's Pub.  We had such a good time singing and drinking, and yet I have totally forgotten about it.. 

Anyway, let's continue...

Day 8 - We had lunch with the colleague at Hakka Restaurant, and later back home for simple dinner.  My mum was out with my uncle, and they had a feast where I was at home with my Princess. It's the Hokkien 'Pai Tee Kong" night, and that night, Princess got herself all scare up due to the fire crackers.

Day 9 - Nothing special for lunch, and dinner was at Sri Petaling Ho Ho Steamboat as my aunt was in town for a day.

Day 10 - A Public Holiday for the KL-ian... and we celebrated my brother's birthday having dinner at Nilai, Loon Sing Restaurant

Day 11 & 12 - Passed by fast and no record of any memory beside working.. Consolation when we get to have a yummy lunch at Kampachi and paid by someone.. LOL!

Day 13 - Still nothing much happening... we just stayed home

Day 14 - We went out to shopping at Pavilion as Tangs having relocation sales.. Bought a bag and a new bedsheet, was intention to watch movie but got a call that the highest ranking in the family will be visiting.. plan change and get home to expect and welcome visitor.

Day 15 - Eldest uncle call to go for Chap Goh Meh dinner at his house.  Very unfortunate that my head goes trumping pain but after some 'sarcastic' remarks, I still get myself up and went for the dinner.

There went all the 15 days of celebration...

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  1. a good recap of your 15 days of CNY huh?? hahaha, i think i have really not much to update also.. besides on 1st Feb (that's 10th day right) i went to genting for the doraemon world, but was quite disappointing.. :p


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