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Monday, March 5, 2012

Local grads not up to mark

Local grads not up to mark

Did you read this up in the news this morning? While I was browsing the online news report, I kind of agree to this. From my experience of working as a office manager way back in my previous office, interviews after interviews, I can't seems to find the suitable candidates, and most of the time, it's just settling for the need of having one to fill the position due to 'emergencies'. Most of the time, the candidates will not work up to the standards / marks, with a very simple thing that they are just all lack of communication.

Not just the young, even now in my office, the communication pathway always a shut down among the colleagues and it's getting way too bad. I have one fella chasing another fella who has left office after work, with no 'message' on what's going on, the chasing fella is jumping high and low as he / she couldn't get things done...

I think this issue is 'common' among the Asian community, when they are just so afraid to say up, owned up, and voice up!!! I have people who sneak in and out of office to avoid the 'work' but they never realised that they cannot runaway like a runaway bride!! It's your job, and no one will take it up if not you!! When one fella sneak back, the other fella is trying his / her very best to harass the sneaky fella phone!! Not just call, it goes SMS as well...

How is your communication level in your office?

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