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Friday, March 30, 2012

Monthly Expenses

I am taking this chance to blog the after getting back to work expenses like an 18 years old as all the earlier savings are basically gone for good while staying at home earning a part time income to care for Princess.  So, when I first started work full time again, I have made plans to go back to my savings again.  I first started to make sure I keep my money in a place which is non-reachable for a period, aka Fixed Deposit, and I know it's a good way to control my spending.  Just like this month, I spent RM400 on some Company products, and pending the claims to be issued, I am down with a mere RM30 to last for the month.  If my earlier money was not placed in FD, I am very sure by now, it's already gone parted with it to some things.  Therefore, I 'forced' myself to accommodate with the RM30, plans to make sure it work till the next salary came in on Monday, 2nd April, 2012!  Sound pathetic right?  but that's the way I should be discipline to save for my future, isn't that?

Then, came this month, finally I received a call from a friend who has been nice to 'pinjam' his car to me as my traveling mode that he needed it back.  It knock me that I really needed to have my own car in a way.  I have been considering a 2nd hand or brand new, a local made or imported, even local made, a proton or perodua.  Finally, after so much of research and look / ask around, decided to just stick to my initial plan of getting the Proton Saga FLX.  I finally got the loan approved and currently pending for the release of the car from the dealer.  Praying hard that I could have the car by next Friday.

Lets' start my calculation:-

1)  Fixed Expenses:-

     i)  Car Loan Repayment - RM500.00
    ii)  Princess Childcare Fees - RM450.00
   iii)  Princess Insurance - RM350.00 + RM150.00
   iv)  Maid - RM450.00
   v)   Petrol -  at least RM200.00
   vi)  Parking - RM160.00
  vii)  Transportation & Princess Dinner - RM200.00
         Total:  RM2,460.00

My plans on my savings will be having to put at least RM1,000.00 into the FD every month, which will be lock for 2 months, and each alternate month, I will then combine the FD together to multiply.  

With all the above, I am basically down with not much for my daily expenses, therefore my target is to spend only RM100 per week inclusive of my weekend shopping.  With this 'budget' in mind, I have to ensure that I motivate myself to prepare my lunch each night (anything la.. as long as got food) coz the food cost here is really high.  I wanted to invest into a portable electrical lunch box (still tempting) as I don't want to keep eating microwave food also.. how how? I save on my daily food bill, and I can take Princess out jalan jalan ma.. 

I still have a few target stuff that I want to buy actually, the list has got a Samsung MV800 camera and a Philips Airfryer.  Think till these 2 things in hand, I think I am settle for this year buy list. Anyone got any contact where I can get cheaper pricing for these items?   

Before I can load up this post to the blog, I received a call from my ever supportive customer ordering a cake and some breads from me for her office party!  That, I don't have to be that 'dry' over the weekend right... hehehe... Beside a big thank you for her support, I also Thank GOD for listening and showering me HIS blessing!  Thank you ALL who came and ever supportive of my life journey!

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